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·         The A320 Series Ultra-low Range, Servo Accelerometer

·         Wireless inclinometers provide practical solutions for factory environments

·         Mike Might Know: How are inclinometers used in the defence industry?




The A320 Series Ultra-low Range, Servo Accelerometer


The A320 and A320L Series are high precision, servo balance ultra-low range accelerometers available in single and multi-axis configurations. They can be used in a wide variety of industrial, military and aerospace applications – from geophysical, seismic and civil engineering studies, to flight test monitoring and low acceleration analysis. 

Individual models are available down to ±0.1g full scale, with full range outputs of ±5Vdc or 4 to 20mA. Despite their low measuring range, the A320 and A320L Series sensors are extremely robust and highly resistant to mechanical shock. Sealed to IP65, they are housed in an aluminium corrosion-resistant casing and will withstand 1500g shock events, and operate reliably in temperatures ranging from -18°C to 70°C without significant degradation in performance. Electrical termination options are either a 6-pin, bayonet lock connector, or solder pins.

“The A320 series offers customers the ability to accurately measure ultra-low g events with a device that upholds the same high levels of performance and robustness as other Sherborne Sensor products,” explains Mike Baker. “It complements our current accelerometer product line, and was developed as a standard product offering in response to customer demand.”




Wireless inclinometers provide practical solutions for factory environments


Our Wireless Tilt System (WTS) is seeing growing adoption in the manufacturing sector as it provides a quick and cost-effective method to accurately and reliably measure horizontal and vertical angular inclination within the factory environment.

WTS is a wireless radio telemetry inclinometer that employs advanced MEMS sensor technology to log data remotely without the costs associated with conventional wired methods. Having both wireless data transmission and wireless power capabilities, the WTS eliminates many of the potentially disruptive aspects of sensor installation commonly found with wired solutions.

The portability and low power consumption of the WTS make it ideal for both permanent angle measurement installations, as well as for troubleshooting or checking the accuracy of angle measurements or alignments occurring through the assembly line. For example, one leading manufacturer of road trucks in the US is using the WTS in its assembly line for the accurate alignment of the drive axle to the frame of the truck. 

Furthermore, the WTS is housed in an IP67 weatherproof enclosure, and has a rugged design that makes it ideally suited to the factory environment.  It can be subjected to aggressive conditions, without impacting the accuracy of the measurement, or the longevity of the system.

We have a wide variety of fixed base stations and hand-held readers available for use with the WTS. If you would like further information or to chat to us about your requirements and how the WTS can help you please call our Applications Team on +44 (0)870 444 0728 or email us.




Mike Might Know: How are inclinometers used in the defence industry?


Military organisations around the world are increasingly relying on advanced sensor technologies to improve the effectiveness of their weaponry, protect personnel, deliver other enhanced capabilities, and reduce cost.

The scope of applications for inclinometers within military platforms is extensive. All demand the highest levels of precision, so that the sensor can accurately translate the exact angular position of the platform to which it is affixed. As well as accuracy and repeatability, ruggedness and reliability are also vital features, as the sensor often needs to operate in extreme environmental conditions.

Sensors are commonly employed in the defence industry where situational awareness is critical. Our products enable and support various navigational and radar applications on a wide range of airborne platforms. Ground and naval applications include, turret control, antenna positioning, structural health monitoring, test range instrumentation, and munitions fire control.

Due to the specialised nature of many military applications, the demands placed upon the sensor require customised solutions that include enhanced specifications, specialised enclosures and connectors, supporting electronics, and other componentry that Sherborne Sensors is uniquely qualified to design and provide as a complete system level solution. To talk to us about your requirements and for further information on our industry and customisation capabilities, please contact Instrumentos de Medida SL. o llámenos (34) 91 3000191.

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