Mechanical probe stations

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Complete and broad range of probing hardware from single tips to complete probe stations. Our inventories are one of the largest for probing tips, tip holders, extension cables, triaxial/RF heads/adapters, micropositioners, chucks, vacuum pumps, and microscopes. We also have complete probe stations, either standard models and customized. We can help you to find the proper items from our standard product line, and build cost-effective probe stations depending on your needs. In addition, we offer upgrades and services for existing probe stations of any brand and model.alt

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Clients Classification:
Universities and R&D Laboratories
Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Microsystems, Nanotechnology, Micromachining,  MEMS, Material Science, Photonics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical  Engineering, Biotechnology. 
Semiconductor & Electronics  Industries such as LCD, LED, LD (Laser Diode), PD (Photo Diode), PCB, FPC, IC Design House, IC Test  House, IC Package House

DC, RF Tests; MEMS, NEMS, Optoelectronics Tests, etc.


Application oriented – Kitstart test kits for various applications. Cost-effective – Users can start with a very cost-effective set up.

Modular design – Various modular options allow user to upgrade the system easily.

Unique X-Y– Air bearing stage for fast movement and micrometer heads for accurate X-Y movement.

Probe stations are very expensive and durable lab equipment. Many users only have very limited budgets at the beginning but their test requirements could change over time. This will result in idle equipment and more capital costs. InitialPS allows you to start with a probe station with very competitive price. You can upgrade the system easily as their test requirements change. With the modular design, you simply choose from various chuck options, microscope options and test kits. The ease of upgrade capability protects your current investment for future need.

Microposiconador TDP100

Microposiconador TDP100








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